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Volcanoes Necklace

Volcanoes Beaded Necklace Finished

Volcanoes Necklace from Sabine Lippert’s “Beaded Fantasies”

Recently I’ve made two of those fabulous bead necklaces, one in gold with turquoise center bead (in the photo) and another in silver with dark garnet beads. The pattern is straightforward, easy to follow. Really loved making it. I I found this necklace in Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies, a great beadwork book that makes you want to try every project in it.

Volcanoes Beaded Necklace Pieces

Volcanoes Necklace Pieces

However, I think there is one inconsistency in the pattern. Pay attention in the beginning. The pattern calls for a 6mm center bead,  but I believe it should be an 8 mm.

I went ahead and made it with a 6 mm center bead. But I had to compensate for the 6 mm center. I used three delicas in the first row, instead of the five that the pattern calls for. And followed with five in the second row, and six (3+3) in the final row.

The row of 15°s encircling the center bead, for a 6 mm, is more like three, not five. Here you can actually put four. The 15°s are a decorative element and they hide the thread. An even number of them, here, will make no difference structurally.

Volcanoes Beaded Necklace Layout

Volcanoes Necklace Layout

Here it is almost ready. Very exciting!

Volcanoes Beaded Necklace Closeup

Volcanoes Necklace Closeup

Here you can see the count I used, which results in maybe a smaller, steeper beaded volcano.

Go ahead and make this pattern! Easy to make and a pleasure to wear! I got tons of compliments on it!

P.S. Definitely read Elr’s comment for other ways to adjust to a 6mm center bead.

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There are 3 Comments to "Volcanoes Necklace"

  • Pamela says:

    Beautiful work, Margarita.

  • Elr says:

    The necklace came out beautifully and thank you for pointing out the problems you had with the sizing of the center bead.

    I’m working on this project, too (and I hope mine turns out half as nice as yours). I absolutely agree that the instructions should have been for an 8mm bead, because there is no way the circumference of a 6mm bead could accomodate all twenty 0/15 plus four 0/11 beads.

    Using a 6mm bead means that you have to reduce the number of delicas in the outside rows, too. Ideally, there should be an odd number, but one way to get around using six delicas is to add two round 0/11s peyote style over the third and fourth bead, or if you have them, one 1.5mm cube bead and then fill in with a second cube bead (or two round 0/11 beads)

    There is another mistake as well – the instructions don’t call for adding the picot at the corners of the last row, which is integral to maintaining the square structure of the element.

    I’ve found that by using the cube beads on the sides (two stacked over each other), the element is forced into a pyramid shape without distorting the corners (it makes sense because there are flat surfaces for the beads to rest against).

    Finally – if you pop the center bead and reverse the element – it definitely stands up higher and has better structure.

  • Richard Wilson says:

    thanks for stating that you also had this problem with the pattern. I have started over now 5 times and i just KNEW that the calling for a 6mm at the beginning had to be a mistake. Thanks for stating what you used, i went ahead and used your formula and it worked!!! thanks so much for helping with this. thank god Google pulled you up for this problem. Richard Wilson

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