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These are some of my early beadwork projects

My first beading project ever — The Beaded Stick!

La Jolla Indian Reservation Beaded Stick

Digging through my beading stuff, unfinished projects etc. I came upon my very first beaded object, the Beaded Stick! Years ago my Russian friend Lena had a coworker, a Native American lady, who invited her and her daughter, Anya, about 7 years old at the time, to join an annual Native American celebration given by La Jolla Indian tribe on its reservation on Mt. Palomar, North-East of San Diego. Lena invited me, I dragged my husband Raoul along. We had tents, and the tribe provided […]

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Frying Up Some More Necklaces

Necklaces in a Frying Pan

I can’t get enough of this pattern. Toggle clasp.

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Fence Snake Necklace

Fence Snake Necklace

No it is not a snake! This is the piece that inspired me to start beading seriously. Pamela Aronoff, a serious and very creative beader, gave me a necklace as a gift. I was so stunned by it, that I thought I wanted to make one myself. Since Pam lives 2 hours north from me, I went looking in local bead stores with my precious necklace in hand, asking if anybody could tell how I could make one. At this point I had not even […]


First Beading Class Project

Dark Blue With Vine

Project from my first beading class with Ana Garcia at Shepherdess in San Diego, CA.

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First Efforts

Baby Blue Bracelet 2

Shower Gift: Baby Blue Bracelet The first kind of bead work I did was a vast number of African Helix stitch bracelets. The instructions came from a book I took out of the local library, and the African Helix stitch seemed the most approachable out of that book, which was not beginner level. Everything else seemed too complicated. Still, having no experience in beading or even stringing at all, it took me the better part of the day to figure it out. It also took […]

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